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We’re a passionate group of golfers, foodies, music-lovers, friends and family. We are the people you interact with on social media, the people who prepare the golf course for you, and who open the pro-shop for you on frosty mornings. We create the menus for you, and the playlists, and we welcome you through the door. If you enjoy our blog please let us know, and say hi when you are next at the club.

Brittany Ferries Pro Am

It’s October 20, the clubs are clean and shiny and I have more golf balls than the we have in the Pro Shop, A suitcase full of funky shirts and I’m more than a little bit excited. This can mean only one thing... Overseas Pro Am!  Alongside me for the trip...

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10 Reasons to get your kids into golf

I didn’t know it at the time (I was only 10) but the day the old golf pro at Cow Glen Golf Club near Glasgow died, and his stock of old golf clubs were thrown out, would prove be the start of the amazing odyssey that has been my life.

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Ready Golf?

Is it time to do away with the old-fashioned order of play during strokeplay golf, to expedite increasingly time consuming rounds of golf?

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Health Benefits of Golf

THE oft-quoted saying is that golf is a good walk spoiled: now a major study involving Scottish researchers is assessing the health benefits of the game for the first time, including how it can help players to live longer.

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New Year; New Coffee

You'll have heard the rumours....there's a new coffee machine on the way! From February you'll be able to enjoy a rich, indulgent Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino or Latte made from Pure Earth coffee. Pure Earth is made by The Coffee Company...

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New dishes on the menu in The Oak Room Restaurant

Head Chef Paul always likes to add a modern twist to classic dishes, such as these exciting new dishes on his evening function and wedding menus... The Oak Room Restaurant is available for weddings, gala dinners and private parties. Email...

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Golf is a Gentleman’s Game, Right?

The #ThisGirlGolfs campaign is designed to shift perception and inspire participation, highlighting real women that are already playing the game. Join the campaign and tweet us your Women and Girls activities #ThisGirlGolfs And contact the...

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