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We’re a passionate group of golfers, foodies, music-lovers, friends and family. We are the people you interact with on social media, the people who prepare the golf course for you, and who open the pro-shop for you on frosty mornings. We create the menus for you, and the playlists, and we welcome you through the door. If you enjoy our blog please let us know, and say hi when you are next at the club.

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea £14.95 for sandwiches and cream tea Treat your mum, book a time between 2-5pm or call 01803 815000 to reserve a...

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10 Reasons to get your kids into golf

I didn’t know it at the time (I was only 10) but the day the old golf pro at Cow Glen Golf Club near Glasgow died, and his stock of old golf clubs were thrown out, would prove be the start of the amazing odyssey that has been my life.

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Who’s up for steak?

We’ve been inviting you to our monthly steak night for a while now, so we thought it was time to tell you a little more about what goes into it

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Benefits of Exercise

We already know the physical benefits of regular exercise and maintaining strong health: reduced risk of illness, lower blood pressure rates and a well-toned body. However, exercise adds emotional and social benefits to your general well being as well

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Ready Golf?

Is it time to do away with the old-fashioned order of play during strokeplay golf, to expedite increasingly time consuming rounds of golf?

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What is the most unfair rule in golf?

A recent discussion on LinkedGolfers, one of our favourite online networking groups, threw up a number of interesting answers to the question of unfair rules, mainly around the insistence to play the ball as it lies and play the course as you find it, but our favourite comment offered an alternate point of view

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Health Benefits of Golf

THE oft-quoted saying is that golf is a good walk spoiled: now a major study involving Scottish researchers is assessing the health benefits of the game for the first time, including how it can help players to live longer.

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Golf is a Team Sport?

In its quest to attract younger players, the golf industry is going to unprecedented lengths to reimagine the conventional game. The list of innovations rolled out in recent years includes 15-inch holes, a football-golf hybrid called footgolf and a vehicle known as a golfboard, which replaces the traditional golf cart with a motorized skateboard.

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From our golf balls and clubs to our gear and headwear, the Titleist script is one of the most recognizable symbols in the game of golf. On or off the course, you can spot it just about anywhere. However, you might not know the story behind the logo... It all starts...

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‘Amen Corner’ at The US Masters

Each year during the first full week in April Augusta National Golf Course hosts the first, and arguably most famous, major professional golf tournament of the year: The US Masters, an invitational stroke play event played over 4days / 72holes. The Masters is perhaps most famous for two things: ‘Amen Corner’ and a green jacket.

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Wet Weather!

Fingers crossed spring is around the corner, but for now the game season is still going strong, with venison and rabbit particularly good. Root vegetables are also especially tasty at present, especially purple sprouting broccoli, kale, artichokes and cauliflower. There really is a lot of tasty dishes to enjoy this time of year, and one of my personal favorites is a hearty parsnip soup with a bit of fire!

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New Year; New Coffee

You'll have heard the rumours....there's a new coffee machine on the way! From February you'll be able to enjoy a rich, indulgent Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino or Latte made from Pure Earth coffee. Pure Earth is made by The Coffee Company...

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Sustainable Fishing

Our chefs are passionate about fish! There is so much more to it than serving it battered with a portion of chips wrapped in paper with lashings of salt and vinegar sat on the seafront. Although bearing in mind the current wet weather (which is maybe more suitable for fish!) sitting on the beach eating the NationÔÇÖs favourite is a tempting prospect!

But there is little doubt in order to sustain our decreasing fish stocks we should eat less popular fish.

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Are Golfers Athletes?

There is no doubt golf provides a stimulating mental challenge combined with a healthy walk in pleasant surroundings. It can be played by people of all abilities and ages, on your own or in a team, as a casual pastime or a competitive activity, but is it really a sport? Can golfers really be classed as athletes?

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Autumn Lawncare

Autumn renovation is well under way on the golf course, and its not too late to start on your lawn. For grass to flourish it requires four things:


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Autumn Fare

Wild mushrooms flourish in warm, damp weather so now is an ideal time to forage the woodlands. Some species have a fruity odour, others a woody, earthy fragrance and still others can even be considered spicy! Chanterelle Mushrooms are rich in flavour, with a distinctive taste and aroma, and the Golden Chanterelle is perhaps the most sought-after.

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New dishes on the menu in The Oak Room Restaurant

Head Chef Paul always likes to add a modern twist to classic dishes, such as these exciting new dishes on his evening function and wedding menus... The Oak Room Restaurant is available for weddings, gala dinners and private parties. Email...

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Golf is a Gentleman’s Game, Right?

The #ThisGirlGolfs campaign is designed to shift perception and inspire participation, highlighting real women that are already playing the game. Join the campaign and tweet us your Women and Girls activities #ThisGirlGolfs And contact the...

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Critchley Award for Head Pro

Congratulations to Head Professional, Mike Cayless, for winning the Crithley Award for the most successful link in the UK between school and PGA Golf Professional, presented by Bernard Gallagher OBE at the annual Golf Foundation Presidents...

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