Saturday, Sept 22

£32.95 for 2 steaks & a bottle of wine


Book a table for our ever-popular monthly steak night, and enjoy two prime sirloin steaks, supplied by our local family butcher, Yates & Sons, for £32.95 including a bottle of our specially selected house wines.

On the night our chefs chargrill the steaks and allow them to rest for 4-5mins to relax the meat, ensuring it is succulent and tender when it arrives on a plate, and serve them with chips, beer battered onion rings, garden peas, mixed leaves with honey dressing, and slow baked tomatoes… and we mean slow baked: 8.5hrs in a low heat with salt, thyme and olive oil, the Italian way!

Email us or call 01803 815000 to reserve your table, and if you’ve been before please feel free to leave some feedback on Trip Advisor or in the comments below.

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