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  • Health Benefits of Golf

    THE oft-quoted saying is that golf is a good walk spoiled: now a major study involving Scottish researchers is assessing the health benefits of the game for the first time, including how it can help players to live longer. While…

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  • 10 reasons to get your kids into golf

    I didn’t know it at the time (I was only 10) but the day the old golf pro at Cow Glen Golf Club near Glasgow died, and his stock of old golf clubs were thrown out, would prove be the…

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  • Ready Golf?

    We all know the scenario: Playing the monthly medal, you are standing at your ball in the fairway with club in hand and the green ahead clear. But you are clearly not furthest away, and the player who should be…

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  • How golf helps build children’s self esteem

    Everyone could benefit from higher self-esteem, especially children, so if you want to give your kids a confidence boost, try golf! It is an amazing way for kids to make friends and grow in stature.

    Your youngster will always find…

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  • Cold Weather Golf

    Top 5 tips for playing golf in cold weather Layer up! Checkout the cold weather clothing video from our resident PGA professional, Rich Woods… Warm up. Just 15 balls on the driving range before your round will get you loose…

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