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How golf helps build children’s self esteem

Everyone could benefit from higher self-esteem, especially children, so if you want to give your kids a confidence boost, try golf! It is an amazing way for kids to make friends and grow in stature.

Your youngster will always find a trustworthy adult willing to help and encourage them, even if you don’t play. Golf can help kids learn how to set and meet goals, which will be a valuable tool as they move into adulthood. Children are competitive, always trying to beat their previous score, which encourages them to set goals, celebrate success, and grow in confidence. Every new crop of youngsters at Dainton Park strives to out do each other! And far from being seen but not heard on the golf course, as juniors improve quickly adults will often seek them out for a few coaching tips – how is that for a confidence boost!

Golf can also help your child make friends and build relationships, which often last a lifetime, so try signing your children up for group coaching at Dainton Park. The cost is minimal, and when grouped with others kids golf makes it easy for even the shyest child to make friends. And, while no kid likes discipline, the standard of behaviour expected at any golf club only serves to enhance their self-image and respect for others.

So, there you have it: golf is an excellent tool to help your child in becoming a successful and thriving adult.

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